Why being multi-passionate is a strength, not a weakness

This post was inspired by a conversation I had with a close friend of mine. She expressed that she sometimes felt like a misfit toy because she didn’t have one burning passion, like most people do. She didn’t dream of one profession during her younger years, and as an adult she had many ideas that she wanted to pursue and it just made her feel like she was flaky and unaccomplished.

How to get work done when working from home

The lockdown related to COVID-19 have introduced a lot of people to a situation they probably wouldn’t have seen themselves in a few months ago: working from home. When the subject came up, at first it seemed like a great thing, but once you are in the situation, you quickly realise that not all that glitters is gold.

Let’s get personal

Things are about to change here at Digital Lotus. I have decided to take the DL blog in a different direction. Of late, I feel like I have not been authentically connecting with my audience so from now on you will be seeing more blog articles on how I personally handled my side hustle as well as lots of tips on how to make the most out of your branding.

5 podcasts every #girlboss should be listening to

Podcasts have been a round for a while but there has been a surge in their popularity in the past few years. Their rise in popularity, in part, can be attributed to how accessible podcasts are now. You can find most of them on spotify, itunes or listen to them from a media player on your browser.

21 quotes to boost your creativity

We all go through those phases where we struggle to get things done, or we fear actually getting started on something. I do too and I find that thinking hard on an inspirational quote and how I can apply it in my life, is usually that kick in the behind that I need to get […]