This post was inspired by a conversation I had with a close friend of mine. She expressed that she sometimes felt like a misfit toy because she didn’t have one burning passion, like most people do. She didn’t dream of one profession during her younger years, and as an adult she had many ideas that she wanted to pursue and it just made her feel like she was flaky and unaccomplished. I told her that she was the very definition of multi-passionate and she wasn’t alone in the way she chose to tackle life. We also spoke about accomplishment/success and how it shouldn’t look the same for all of us, but that’s a topic for another blog post ;). Today we’ll stick to the multi-passionate part of the conversation. Here are a few reasons why being multi-talented is actually a strength.


If you are multi-passionate, you will most likely find yourself working on a number of passions and projects. This means you strengthen certain skills while working on one thing that may help you in another area of your life. For example, having an eye for art and aesthetics in your creative pursuits may come in handy when you have to prepare presentations that look good for clients. Having financial knowledge that you use on your full time job is the same skill that you can use to manage the cash-flow for your side hustle etc. Each project you work on, fine tunes a skill you can use on another project, making you a person with a unique and robust skill set.

Easily adaptable

Multi-passionate people are hardly ever stumped by anything. That ability to come up with many ideas in different disciplines, makes it easy for you to come up with solutions for any problem you might be faced with. While others might need to have all the pieces of the puzzle laid out in order for them to put the pieces together and get a full picture, you can work in abstract situations to make anything work for you.

Financial security

Another way that being adaptable comes in handy, is that when you learn you learn to work as a multi-passionate person, you will hardly ever be broke. Multi-passionate people always find a way to get the bag. You don’t believe that having a full time job is the only way to get earn a living, so you will always find a hustle to keep you going if you ever lost your job, or to earn additional income.

Diverse network

Multi-passionate people tend to have a diverse network. If you have a variety of interests you will most likely know a number of different people working in each of those fields. This makes your network way more diverse than a person who only knows people in the field they work in. Having many contacts can never be a bad thing.

Limitless possibilities

Learning and growing in different fields means you are informed in a variety of areas and collecting life experiences that people devoted to one passion could never even dream of. Life always throws curve-balls and this changing environment might be a challenge for others but you enjoy learning and exploring different situations all of the time. This means that the possibilities as to where your life could lead you are limitless.

So, yeah. Being multi-passionate isn’t a bad thing all on it’s own. The important thing about being this special is to make to sure that you aren’t flaky and end up not achieving anything at all. The next blog post will discuss how to mantain focus as a multi-passionate person and live your best life.

See you then xx

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