Most people usually think of websites as sometimes pretty spaces on the internet where people can find out about your services/products and find your contact details. But, I’m here to tell you that there are a number of cool features that you can add to any website to make it a powerful conversion machine.

Chat Bot

This is great tool to make sure your clients get all their question’s answered. The chat bot is a way for anyone on your website to reach you. They simply start a chat and you receive their messages on your phone and respond immediately. Whatsapp has a great integration you can use for this.

Bookings function

Whether you are running a dentist’s surgery, a nail salon or law office. Your clients can easily set up appointments on your website. This function appears as a calendar that allows users to pick a date and time that works best for them, and you will immediately get an email and the appointment will be added to your calendar. Who doesn’t love less admin?


If there’s one thing that frustrates the modern day client, it’s the back and forth that happens in the dm’s or on whatsapp before a purchase is completed. Save yourself and your clients the trouble and add all your products to your website. Having a shop on your website makes it easy to show your full catalogue and for clients to make a purchase.

Payment portal

While we are on the subject of shopping, a payment portal adds more ease to shopping. Your customers can use this shopping to pay for the product they are buying and the money goes straight into your bank account. As an additional perk, most payment portals offer a number of payment options for payment (debit/credit card, eft, snapscan, zapper etc), making it very convenient for your customers.


Do you host a lot of events as partof your business and you want to show all of them off? A media gallery is a great way to do this. Just create different albums on a gallery page and you will be able to showcase all of your best work.

Social media embed

Another great way to showcase all the work you have been doing is to embed your social media feed on your website. Instagram isn’t the only place to share those amazing pics. Embed your instagram account on your website and have it both ways.


The beauty of having your own website, is that you can do whatever you want with it. For example, if you are a coach or an educator, you can add all of your educational material including workbooks, exercises and tests on your own website.

Members sign up (Members only Section)

Want to start a club? Or maybe you have certain content that you want to share with a select group of people. Add a member sign up on your website and you can share certain content with that group only, while the rest of the world sees different content.

Customer Review Tool

Create a space on your website that sells for you. Customers can leave their great reviews on your site for other customers to see. Great part about this feature is it allows you to review all the reviews before you decide which ones to publish.

Newsletter subscription pop-up

I’m always preaching about mailing lists, so I won’t start doing that now. But…..start one. You won’t regret it. A subscription pop-up on your website will help you do that. Just put a call to action and let the email addresses flood in.

Bonus: Spotify Music Player

Here’s a bonus feature. Set the mood on your site by adding a music player. Spotify has a great integration for websites, so use it to add your favourite playlist to your website.

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