A cohesive, well-designed brand can differentiate your business from competitors, build trust with your audience, and give them the right first impression.  There are many components to brand management that are essential – posting good content, posting frequently, and engaging with your audience. But one of the key aspects to managing your brand is consistency – a little thing that may seem easy to ignore, but that can make all the difference in the world. First impressions can make or break a sale, encourage trust or distrust, and can promote engagement or disengagement.

Implementing a cohesive brand strategy and voice in all aspects of branding and design is essential to draw in audience members – and more importantly – keep them around.  This means that, whether your customer comes across your branding via a business card, ad in the newspaper, blog article or social media post, they’re instantly able to recognise your business.


With a lot of different businesses posting a lot of information about their different wares, it can be hard for potential clients to recognize one of your images when they appear on social media. That’s why it is important for each element of your brand to help your audience identify your business.

If I ask you to think about a food outlet that sells food in red boxes with a friendly looking old man on the packaging of original recipe chicken. This is a perfect example of cohesive branding in action, because you already knew I was talking about KFC based on the branding elements that have made that brand unmistakable.

First impressions

You don’t have the opportunity to introduce your brand and what you do so your brand does it for you. People are often attracted by things that look good.

Making sure you have a logo that looks great as well as marketing material that is visually pleasing is a great way to attract people who come across your business for the first time.

Having synergy between your brand look, tone and content shows professionalism and how serious you are about your business and what you have to offer customers. Your brand is a direct reflection of your business so you want to make sure that first impression is great.


Trust is essential to making sales, booking clients, and growing a loyal, engaged audience. There are many ways to build trust among potential customers, but branding is one of the most effective.

Think of your branded material if it were how you would get dressed for a speaking engagement at a prestigious business venue. If you showed up with messy hair, dirty clothes, and no shoes on — would your audience trust or believe anything you had to say?


People are very visual; what we remember the most about anything we encounter is how it looked. A cohesive, well-designed brand gives your audience a mental picture of your business and helps them remember it. 

If you have a strong, cohesive and visually appealing brand, potential customers are more likely to take note of your brand, remember it and recognise it if they come across it on a different platform.


Do you ever have to sit for a while trying yo come up with a look and feel for a new social media post, and after all the effort, sometimes it doesn’t even look that appealing? Investing time and money into developing a brand can save a great deal of your time and energy in the long run. If you have a set of standard branding elements and advertising templates, you don’t have to sit and come up with something new each time you want to advertise somewhere new. You can simply work off your agreed-upon branding style guide.

Brand cohesiveness is very important. By speaking with one voice and using a specific set of colours, fonts and image layouts, consistently, your customers can instantly recognize your business even when your logo or business name isn’t present.

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