I love colour! Seems like a random and mundane thing to state but there is a lot that colour communicates that most people are not aware of. Colour causes us to feel a certain way, to form a certain impression of things and represents a whole host of other things. Let’s dive into what 8 colours personify so you can figure out if they are suitable for your brand.


You might have noticed that red is very popular colour in the food industry. There’s a very good reason for that: Red is an appetite stimulant, which is why so many restaurants use it in their branding and decorations. When it comes to personality, red usually attracts people who are bold, passionate and ambitious. This is the perfect colour to show everyone that you are all about living life to the fullest.


Individuals with a deep love for learning and those who enjoy sharing their collected knowledge with others tend to be drawn to the colour yellow. The colour itself represents happiness and a love of learning. In general this colour is associated with sunshine and makes people feel mellow (see what I did there?).


Green is commonly used to represent growth and, well, all things green. So if your business has to do with environmental awareness, sustainability, recycling etc. then green is probable colour you should use. As an individual if green is your favourite color you are typically down to earth and you seek acknowledgement and acceptance for the things you do. You are often loyal, affectionate, honest and have a good reputation.


Blue is chosen as a favourite more often than the other colours on this list. This colour commonly represents a need for personal inner peace and truth. People who are drawn to this colour are typically led by their ideals and beliefs and they strive to live in peace and harmony. Restaurants should be careful in their use of this colour as it is known to be a appetite suppressant. Blue is also commonly used to represent loyalty, dependability and logic.


Purple is commonly used to represent wisdom, spirituality, sophistication and royalty. People drawn to purple as their favourite colour, are usually artistic and unique individuals (think Prince). These people are also interested in spirituality, very intuitive and are driven to participate in humanitarian problems.


Pink is usually found attractive by people of loving, kind, soft, and sensitive disposition. In the mainstream, this colour is commonly used to represent femininity, love and balance. This is a great colour to use for businesses that wants to be easily recognised as dealing with issues related to females.


Black is commonly the favourite colour of strong-willed and determined individuals. This is a timeless and sophisticated colour that hardly goes out of style. It is usually used to represent sophistication, elegance, power, authority and security.


If you are looking to portray purity, simplicity, clarity and cleanness, then white is the colour to use for your branding. People drawn to this colour are usually neat, simple, and peaceful individuals. These people usually have a positive personality, and an optimistic outlook toward life and the future.

I’m sure that’s give you quite a bit to think about regarding what colours to choose for your new brand or rebranding. If you still need a little more guidance on developing your new brand and choosing a colour, download the Brand Brainstorming Workbook below and schedule a free consultation call to discuss your brand.

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