We are past the year 2010 and the online space is where it’s at. Design plays a major role in making your mark in that space. Getting design done professionally is usually something that most businesses don’t take very seriously as they find the investment (financial and time wise) daunting. But smart companies know that investing in your business doesn’t cost – it pays. So, let’s chat about the 6 ways investing in design for your business pays.

1.Creativity can set you apart

It goes without saying that the internet is an incredible space where literally all sorts fill the highway. But in such a space, how do you set yourself apart from the chancers and the not so committed to show how awesome and dedicated you are? You don’t have to, design does that for you. It’s a simple way for you to stand out and get the attention (and hopefully, the commitment) of your dream clients.

2. Spending more upfront can save time and money in the long run

We’ve all had those experiences where your mother told you to do something, but clever you came up with a shortcut and messed up, only to find yourself in a position where you have to do it again, the way your mother had initially told you to.

Don’t do that to your business when it comes to design. Sometimes it feels easier and cheaper to get on Windows paint and DIY that logo or flyer, but after a while it’s more of a pain when you have to change all your collateral again when you realise that ‘shortcut’ just isn’t packing the punch you need.

3. Sensation transference impacts online purchases

This is a big one! Whether you realise it or not, sensation transference is something we all experience day in and day out. So as a smart entrepreneur, it’s best to figure out how to use the sneaky trick in psychology, that was introduced by Louis Cheskin, to your advantage.

“Cheskin was convinced that when people give an assessment of something they might buy in a supermarket or a department store, without realizing it, they transfer sensations or impressions that they have about the packaging of the product to the product itself. To put it another way, Cheskin believed that most of us don’t make a distinction — on an unconscious level — between the package and the product. The product is the package and the product combined.”

There are many brands that have used this tool to change potential customer’s perceptions of their products and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t either. A stunning example of this is of the popular beverage 7up. When 7up changed the color of the drink from green to yellow, their focus groups were reported to be convinced that the drink had a stronger lemon flavour compared to when the drink had a green colour.

So if you want to convince your customers of the good quality of your product/service, packaging it in bomb design is a quick way to do it.

4. Good design oozes professionalism

How do clients know that you are serious about your business and what you are offering to them if your business image doesn’t show it? The answer to that question is simple: they don’t. So it’s important for your own image to show that you have put in some effort towards how you show up and you are committed to the business that you do.

5. You and others will take your business seriously

I can’t even recall how many entrepreneurs I have spoken to who run small businesses but are scared to start marketing themselves on social media or email marketing because they don’t think their corporate identity has that oomph that will get them noticed. But with bomb branding, you better believe there wouldn’t be any hesitance on the part of those entrepreneurs. Anyone seeing that branding wouldn’t hesitate to doing business with them either.

6. You can focus on what you are best at

One of the best things you get from hiring a professional designer is you give yourself the gift of joy. The reason most entrepreneurs start their businesses is because they have a skill/talent that they feel they can share to improve other people’s lives. When you are stressed about designing this and that, it takes time and energy away from that gift that you initially wanted to share and that makes everything a chore and there goes the joy in sharing.

So do yourself and your business a favour and seriously consider professional design for your branding and your website. After that you can focus on what you love and watch your professional design support your business.

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