As an entrepreneur I am constantly on the go. I can’t be at my desk all the time but I still need to stay on top of all of my business needs. In such situations it is important for me to have access to all the tools I need to run my business on the go (digital #girlboss ? ). There are a lot of amazing tools that are available online to help anyone do just that and I will be sharing the apps that I use the most for my business.

1. Wave

Wave is an amazing app for managing your finances. It is a compact and easy to use software that takes care of all your accounting needs. You can use it to record and review all your transactions and cash flow. The phone app doesn’t have all the features of the online version but it does have the crucial essentials i.e creating invoices, quotes and receipts.

I can’t even count the number of times having this app has saved my skin when a client urgently needs a quote or an invoice while I am on the go. I simply give myself a moment with my phone, and in less than five minutes I have created a professional and aesthetically pleasing invoice/quote to be sent straight to my client’s inbox. Can you say lifesaver?

2. Asana

The next app on my list is Asana. This is an amazing project management tool that helps me keep track of all the  projects I am working on while also keeping my clients in the loop as to what stage of their project I am on and to communicate any changes to our original plan that may occur.

This software has a lovely interface that organises all your projects and the separate tasks to be completed for each project. You can even set deadlines with notifications so that you are never overdue. Tasks can also be assigned to specific people to make sure that everyone involved is aware of what their responsibilities are and when they need to be done.

3. Instagram

Being a creative agency that mostly produces visual material, instagram is a must to share creations and engage with Digital Lotus’ audience.This means I need to be able to respond to DMs, comments as well as post new items on my feed while I am not at my desk.

Having instagram on my phone helps me to do that efficiently, so really this one is a no brainer. But when I have to post on my phone, I have to make sure that I mantain a high standard of quality in the visuals shared. The next app on the list helps me do just that.

4. Photoshop Express

Before we get into the nitty gritty of how I use this, I would just like to start by saying: ‘Thank you Adobe!’. This app is super handy and I haven’t the slightest idea how I would manage without it. Adobe made Photoshop Express available for mobile phones and this helped a lot of us carry out photo editing work that we previously would never have dreamed of doing on the phone.

Of course this does not have the full functionality of the Photoshop version you get on creative cloud, but it definitely gets the job done for those times when you are out on the road and you quickly need to put together a graphic to announce something, or you have to make an emergency post but that image needs a little touching up. If you ever struggle with getting your images to look like they have that ‘thing’, then please, do yourself a favour. Photoshop Express is the app for you.

5. Afrihost

And lastly on this list is good old Afrihost. I use afrihost for all my hosting and connectivity needs. This means that I sometimes  need to find out what is happening on a client’s website, if there are any problems with the server/hosting arrangement that may be causing disruptions with a client’s emails or website.

Having the afrihost app on my phone, helps me keep all of that figuratively in my pocket. I don’t have to stop find a place where i can safely open up my laptop and login to the afrihost dashboard when I can easily check on all that I need on the app.

And that’s it folks. These are super handy and they have helped me stay on top of things and run my business professionally. If you have any questions on how you can use these in your business or suggestions of apps that you’ve found useful, please leave them in the comments so everyone can up their #girlboss game

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